Episode 64 — Learn about the importance of life insurance with Steve Gruber, today’s guest on Margaritas with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro

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July 29, 2022 — Today on Margaritas with Marguerita: Meet Steve Gruber, Director of Operations at Bluestone Life. Our Topic: Do you really need life insurance?

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Meet our guest: Steve Gruber, Director of Operations at Bluestone Life

Today’s Topic: Do you really need life insurance?

About our Guest: ​From the beginning of Steve’s career as an equity trader to leading a team at a private European bank in Montreal, he has always been “the go-to guy.”  People gravitate to him because he gets things done and he likes to understand what makes people tick and how they think.  He joined Bluestone Life because he’s attracted to systems change and is a Practical Activist.  He’s passionate about volunteering and how it has enriched his life.  He’s a Board member for Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity and previously served on the finance committee of Lake Champlain Waldorf School.

Steve holds insurance licenses in several states from Vermont to California and received his Bachelor’s in Economics from Lawrence University in Wisconsin. Steve lives on a country road in Charlotte, VT with his wife, two teenage daughters, a dog, cat, fish, and a hive of bees. An avid skier in the winter and hiker in the summer, his path often leads to a cool swimming hole. Learn more at bluestonelife.com.

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