Black Lives Matter: This Land

“For a black male, the sound of the blues is pre-Civil Rights. It’s oppression.” says Gary Clark, Jr. (illustration here by Michael Glenwood Gibbs)

July 2020 — Gary Clark, Jr. is an American musician from Austin, Texas, who is best known for his fusion of blues, rock and soul music with elements of hip hop. He has long been a prolific performer, and in addition to having this fact featured in two releases: Gary Clark Jr. Live (2014) and Gary Clark Jr Live/North America (2017), he has shared the stage with other musical legends including Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, B.B. King and the Rolling Stones. In 2014, Clark took home the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B performance for the song “Please Come Home.”

This year, he won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song for his powerful anti-racist anthem, “This Land.” His lyrics speak directly to the Black Lives Matter movement, which is the theme of this month’s magazine. We are proud to share the thoughts of six African Americans on the topic of BLM. Click read more for the lyrics, and to learn more about the voices in our July 2020 issue.

THIS LAND, by Gary Clark, Jr. 

Paranoid and pissed off
Now that I got the money
Fifty acres and a model A
Right in the middle of Trump country
I told you, “there goes a neighborhood”
Now mister Williams ain’t so funny
I see you looking out your window
Can’t wait to call the police on me

Well I know you think I’m up to somethin’
I’m just eating, now we’re still hungry
And this is mine now, legit
I ain’t leavin’ and you can’t take it from me
I remember when you used to tell me

“Nigga run, nigga run
Go back where you come from, uh
Nigga run, nigga run
Go back where you come from
We don’t want, we don’t want your kind
We think you’s a dog born”
Fuck you, I’m America’s son
This is where I come from

This land is mine
This land is mine
This land is mine
This land is mine

Find the rest of the lyrics here. • Click here to learn more about Gary Clark, Jr.

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